September 21st, 2003

burn, piano island, burn!

wow. as some of you know, I SAW CURSIVE AND THE BLOOD BROTHERS in pennsylvania last night! it was amazing.

we got to Philadelphia around 3. well, first we got lost in this ghetto town we're everyone lived on the streets and we watched people break into and steal cars. but once we found Philadelphia things were good. we had time to spare so we went into these awesome stores and little cd shops that had rare cds and shit.

then the show started at 7. me and andrew were pretty close to the front of the line. the opening band that played was called Eastern Youth. they were from Japan. they didnt speak english. but damn they could rock. they were a japanese screamo band and they were good. mad props to japan!.

THEN THE BLOOD BROTHERS CAME ON. ive been a huge fan for so long but i never really knew what they looked like. i was surprised...and turned on. haha. the 2 lead singers were really skinny. one looked like the singer from Something Corporate, surprisingly. both the singers were wearing really tight clothes. andrew thinks theyre gay because how the stood and what they were wearing...and because one of them deepthroated the microphone. <3. anyways..they were so insanely amazing.

and last but not least CURSIVE came on <3. they rocked that stage so much. they were amazing. they played most of my favorite songs and of course came back for an encore.

i got a new Cursive shirt and a Blood Brothers shirt.

it was one of the best shows i ever saw. Trocedero theatre ((i think thats what the place was called)) looked exactly like Roseland Ballroom in NYC on the inside.