September 12th, 2003

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wow lunch at school is my favorite thing ever. me, fiore, the vasilies, mcsweeny, jordan, chris [paulsen], and matt. everyday is something new that keeps us all occupied and laughing for hours. today it was a air freshener with a naked lady on it. oh so much happened over the day with that. "MIKE PICK UP YOUR GODDAMN BOOK ORDER" haha 'we all know what chris emanuelo is doing right now'. WOOO.

anyways, im going back out with phil. it definatly means something because since january 12th 2002, we never really gave up and here were are together again <3. i think its funny how some people critisize me over some things about it when theyre being complete hypocrits and are,well, pathetic.

so tonight i hung out with grace, jill, phil, mike, mattt, emily, and a whole bunch of other people by Borders and behind the old K Mart and shizz. that was alright. tomorrow morning im going andrew's and hanging out with him and phil :D

ok i cant keep this is. JIMMY IS A HYPOCRIT. he dumped me. now im going out with phil and hes like mad because im not pathetic over him and that it hasnt been that long and i already have a bf, even though he dumped larae and went out with me like 2 days later. god. if he wanted me to like him forever he shouldnt of dumped me. AND THEN he talks about me to his friends, like im such a bad person for getting over someone who dumped me. well HA cuz im happy no matter what anyone says about me or thinks about me.

ok sorry but thats so fucking true. pathetic.

so sunday is nesconset day. yeah. everyone go.