September 3rd, 2003

(no subject)

i hate the fact that any human being is incapable of being trusted. even the ones you've known for years. maybe even your whole life. maybe just a few days. but no matter what..theres something inside all of us that isnt trustworthy no matter how much we know [think] we can trust and be trusted. oh and whats worse? when people tell something about you to another that isnt true...but hey "you told them, but told not to tell anyone". yeah ok. we all do it. we all lie. we all say "dont tell them i told you" and say stuff about our friends and thats another reason why we are hypocrits. ugh. i just get so sick of doing and and people doing it to me. ok im glad to get that out.

on the bright side...i went out to dinner with my mom and for over an hour she told me stories of her and her friends getting stoned, stealing, getting drunk, arrested, and all this crazy shit that kids our days dont even do, and she had so many crazy stories, so i told her all of my stories about me and carolyn sneaking out and she laughed and could care less really so me and carolyn wont even get in trouble next time we get caught going out at 3am.