August 16th, 2003

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well this journal has gotten off to a rather depressing start. but heres some cool stuff im doing..

August twenty-something: Im going to Block Island <3 for a few days. Ahh i love it there.

September 4th: Going to see Dashboard Confessional, Brand New, Vendetta Red, and MxPx in NYC with Jimmy <3

September 20th: Going to see Cursive with The Blood Brothers in Pennsylvania with Carolyn.

...cant fuckin wait <3.

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woo hoo today i went vegan shopping at Wild By Nature. thats always good. i also went to look at the place where im moving. every fuckin condo there looks exactly the same. im like "mom, what makes our house any different from all the others" shes like "uhmm..this bush"

"so catherine what makes you unique?"
" uhmm.. this little tree thing.."

anyways, i was supposed to get my industrial ear peircing today but we need a notarized letter so i have to wait til my mom gets it notarized. grrr. i want it.