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here's my friday.

travis came over and we met up with pete kinzy
& his friends at the mall.
kinzy is absolutely insane, but awesome.
im still not sure how he didnt kill us while driving
but, everything worked out somehow.

eventually jason called travis
he picked us up and we got billymark!
and then dq,gallo,and b less.

we basically had to start driving kids home at that point.
it was down to me, jason, and billy at like 1am

i really didnt want to stay at my house.

so bryan feger picked me up
he always saves the day.
we drove around a bit,
dunkin donuts
and i dunno

i ended up back at my house.
and ended up completely bugging out
until now. i think its like 5am now.
i have no idea where the last few hours went.
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