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Can he still feel? [12:15PM on 04/14/.]

So, who hasn't added my new journal yet?



come on, doods, get with the program.

6 come back after you.

So, I totally met Paris Hilton. [2:00PM on 03/08/.]


Thanks, Marcin.
65 come back after you.

To the kids who are friends with Lumpy, Anthony, or anothers who dont matter: [3:05PM on 03/03/.]

I seriously cant wait to get other kids introuble other than me for harrassment.
Stupid Hoffman Estates High School freshman... don't know how to keep their noses out of other people's business.


If you don't know the story, dont say shit.
If you're making judgements about the story because of what Lumpy is saying, you're an idiot. Who seriously gets hit in the face, gets a cut/fat lip, and says it's because he bit it?
Think about who's smarter, children.

If you have stuff to say on the computer, you can say it in person too.
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[12:09AM on 01/23/.]

Dan, Max, Mike, and Me.

The most greatest picture ever. What a little boy.

Big orgies in the Toy CribCollapse )

One of the best days, ever.
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