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I See Her Hair Spread Across The Floor,

And Tangled In The Telephone Cord.

Jessikuh Juicebox.
22 September
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My Name Is Jessikuhhh.
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I Am Very Sarcastic
I'm A Vegetarian.
I Am Bolivian.
I Play Bass.
I Curse Like A Sailor.
I Love My Hair.
I Live For Music.
I Enjoy Talking On The Phone.
I Frequently Speak Spanish.
I Love Piercings&Tattoos.
I Love Hair & Makeup.
I Dance Anywhere Any Time.
I Love Meeting New People.
I Want To Travel The World.
I Am Gankstuhhh As Fuck.
I Want To Move To The City.
I Love Texts & Instant Messages.
I Love Summer Rain & Thunderstorms.
I Think Camo & Leopard Prints Are The Coolest.
I Love All Things Hello Kitty. It's Absolutely Adorable.
Laughter Is My Favorite Sound.
My favorite colors are hot pink and lime green.
I Always Have At Least Two Diffrent Chapsticks.
I Always Wear A Hoodie or Track Jacket.
I Love Kissing, Cuddling, &Holding Hands.
I Can Play Tetris For Hours On End.
Fall & Spring Are The Best Seasons Ever.
Juiceboxes & Green Tea Are My Favorite.
I Still Play Dress Up, We Should Play One Day.
Starbucks Caramel Frapacinos Are My Heaven.
Hairspray Is My Favorite Sent, Next To Clean Cotton.
I Have A "Weird" Obsession With Hip Bones.
Yeahhh, I Have A "Traffic Jam Bootie".[hah]
Everything Else Is Just A Waste Of Time.

Go Ahead And Add Me. You Wont.

P.S. Remeber, Shawty You Don't Know Me.
[you only know the basics about me.]
, a life once lost, across five aprils, against all authority, against me!, alcohol, alexisonfire, alkaline trio, an albatross, angelina jolie, anti-flag, appleseed cast, armor for sleep, art, as i lay dying, atreyu, bad brains, bad luck 13, bane, bass, bassist, belt buckles, blood brothers, bouncing souls, boys, boys in tight pants, boys night out, brand new, brass knuckles, catch 22, chris #2, coffee, comeback kid, converge, cursive, dancing, daphne loves derby, darkest hour, daughters!, dead kennedys, death cab for cutie, deathcab for cutie, dillenger escape plan, drinking, drummers, early november, eighteen visions, elliott smith, emery, everytime i die, fallout boy, fearbeforethemarchofflames, from first to last, funeral for a friend, further seems forever, guys in bands, gym class heroes, h2o, hardcore, hawthorne heights, head automatica, heroin, hidden in plain view, hip bones, hoodies, hot hot heat, ima robot, it dies today, keepsake, laughter, leftover crack, lipgloss, little league, local bands, making clothes, making out, marilyn monroe, masterbation, matchbook romance, matthew lillard, me withoutyou, metric, minor threat, misfits, mosh, murder by death, murphys law, music, my bass, my chemical romance, new amsterdams, new found glory, no hollywood ending, none more black, norma jean, oasis, one man army, paint it black, photography, pictures, piebald, piercings, pink, poetry, pretty girls make graves, q and not u, rain, red chord, riots, rise against, rude boys, saves the day, senses fail, sex, sexcore, shai hulud, shows, sick of it all, skateboarding, skirts, smack, stars, sublime, taking back sunday, tattoos, the bled, the blood brothers, the doors, the early november, the explosion, the faint, the get up kids, the locust, the movielife, the postal service, the used, this day forward, thursday, tiger army, tight pants, tokyo rose, traveling, tsunami bomb, underoath, vegetarianism, writting, yeah yeah yeahs, youth of today, zao,