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Madison, Wisconsin: the Bizarro Burlington.

Welcome to Madison, Wisconsin. Here you can find basically everything you know and love in Burlington, Vermont, just… in bizarro version.

We hosted our second screening at the Madison Infoshop on lovely Williamson St., which so closely resembled Burlington's downtown that it gave us chills, but in a good way. The coffee shop, the restaurant, the co-op, the people; it all reminded us of home, which was incredibly refreshing (we miss you guys!). Madison was picturesque and our screening went great, complete with impromptu juggling and musical butcherings of a few Vermont Joy Parade songs, just for fun. There we met up with our friend Ivan Klipstein, who to simply call a Character of Characters would be a gross understatement.

Our first interview during our stay was with Norm Stockwell, who's the Staff Representative of 89.9 WORT FM and has worked as a journalist for thirty years. He told us a lot about the role of independent media and community supported radio "giving a voice to the unrepresented and underrepresented sectors of our society." Following our premiere we also spent some time with Brendan Fischer of the Center for Media and Democracy, who's a lawyer working to expose ALEC (the American Legislative Exchange Council), which, in a few words, is an organization that has helped corporations to make that old idea of "government of the people" defunct by combining the forces of corporations with lobbyists and politicians. To learn more about ALEC, you can watch this video HERE or check out

While it wasn't exactly a "day off," Madison was a nice, homely relief for a lot of us. We stopped at Ella's Deli on our way out of town for a good ol' fashioned carousel ride, and soon found out that Madison is also home to the epicenter of children with ADD as a direct result of this restaurant. With no less than a million colorful things moving on tracks, bouncing up and down, popping out of the ceiling unexpectedly, and not to mention about twenty flavors of ice cream, I have to say, parents of Madison, Wisconsin… I do not blame your children for being, well, slightly overstimulated and distracted.

Thank you so very much to John Peck of the Madison Infoshop for letting us set up shop and give us a venue to show our work thus far, and also to 89.9 WORT for their feature on and support of our project. And let's also not forget our friend Ivan, for showing us a lovely time in Madison. We'll see you all again in the Burlington twilight zone someday soon!

Also, as I wrote this, Zelde was dosed by a child pedaling pot brownies outside a supermarket. Let's all pray for a speedy recovery, yes? Thank you.

Reposted from the New World Manifesto.

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