VIVA LA JOY. (_bulldoze) wrote,


This year for Decaturfest we threw a Wild Wild West themed street carnival, complete with a saloon, jail, bank (which was promptly robbed of all its spraypainted rocks, ahem, legitimate golden nuggets), square dancing, and a brothel, which was my undertaking. I turned the tables on the brothel so that rather than women servicing the men who came to pay, men gathered gold nuggets to present to me, the Madam, for the pleasure of getting to service one of my girls (who was to be picked by us, rather than them), be it with a back massage, a stroll down the promenade, or the delivery of a cold glass of Doktor Quixote Faustus' Patented Medicine. Once the population of New Orleans that happened to trickle into Burlington that weekend started playing tunes on the brothel's porch, and a random man dawning sunglasses decided to be the girls' private margarita bartender, Madam Severance's Parlor House quickly became Decaturville's hot spot. Until of course the Junktiques Pirates staged an ambush on our quaint Wild West town and bombarded the brothel with water balloons and stole one of my prize whores, who moments prior had been fastened to the railroad tracks that passed through town by means of a vintage Charger rocking horse.

So basically, it was just another day on Decatur Street.

Decaturfest 2012.
Burlington, Vermont.

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