VIVA LA JOY. (_bulldoze) wrote,

Wave of the Future at the Precipice.

A few weeks ago I shot photography for The Precipice, which was a three day festival essentially put on by our Radio Bean community; a music festival put on by musicians. It featured over 60 local bands and took place at Burlington's beautiful Intervale Center. It was the first year anything like this had ever been attempted, and was successful enough that Lee and community hope to make it an annual festival. Of the many bands there was one we know as Wave of the Future, a band I have to admit I would probably kill five men in their sleep to be in (exaggeration, maybe). Here's some shots of their set, plus a few others from the festival.

Check out Wave of the Future on Facebook, they will blow your fucking face right off.

The Precipice.
Intervale Center, Burlington, Vermont.

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