VIVA LA JOY. (_bulldoze) wrote,

What Ales You.

Two muses in the same room and I've got nothing to say about it except somebody shut the drama bitch up. He's got a business degree and he catches small animals to test for rabies, and number 1.1's got all the fugly bitches dragging themselves down the sidewalk by his ankles. 1.1's my best friend in the world but I can't say a word to him that's not chased with a beer, and Nold's eyes are still boring and blue. Whatever I saw in him is lost in me now, and 1.1 says he feels belittled by 1's presence. He asks which of them provided the better material and I tell him that he did hands down, which is true, probably because I had actually had the chance to be more intimate with him than most men I've known in my life. I'm drunk now, feeling good about myself, the way I look, and the drama bitch is complaining because this isn't China and she's not the most sought after broad in the joint, so I rest my head on 1.1's chest and wonder who I am now that I'll never love him the same way again. I look at his predecessor and see nothing exciting, just a jock in his turf bar drinking drafts of something that's doubtfully the dollar PBR I came here for. Actually, that's a lie; I came here because the drama bitch told me he would be here and I simply couldn't resist the three minute blast from the awkward past, only to leave with 1.1 shortly thereafter, and love him dearly for being the best friend I've got. Two muses in the same room and I've got nothing to say about it except-.

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