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August 20th, 2012

Honey Space. [Aug. 20th, 2012|06:53 pm]

Tom Beale started the Honey Space studio in 2006 when he saw an ad for a warehouse and got a handful of artists together to go in. The warehouse soon became a collective art studio for which they were able to pay their rent in art, and was only supposed to last for two years but due to the recession was able to last six. Unfortunately, NYC's millionaires need their loft apartments, and though they knew the space wouldn't be permanent, it is still a shame to know that it'll be getting torn down in the coming year.

Honey Space.
Chelsea, New York.

Reposted from The New World Manifesto.

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Hunter Hill Farm. [Aug. 20th, 2012|06:58 pm]

A big fat Thank You to all the folks at Hunter Hill Farm in Easton, Pennsylvania for letting us park our bus on their beautiful land. They also took us on a grease hunt and to the Easton Farmer's Market, which is the oldest consecutive running outdoor farmer's market in the country.

Hunter Hill Farm.
Easton, Pennsylvania.

Reposted from The New World Manifesto.

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M&M Robertson Farm. [Aug. 20th, 2012|07:36 pm]

We awoke Sunday morning to a gaggle of cows chomping away at their grassy field which we were parked almost directly in the middle of, staring at our bus as if to say, "who the fuck are these guys?" Really it was just a pleasant welcoming committee on the farm of Mik and Maggie Robertson in Paint, Pennsylvania.

Maggie picked us up at a Sheetz gas stop outside of Harrisburg while we were on a hunt for Amish folk. Unfortunately (and obviously), it seems the Amish are a little turned off by being approached by a dreadlocked Australian in a Hawaiian t-shirt holding a recording device and asking to take their picture. So we decided to break out our big guns and get their attention by playing our instruments while Phinn juggled in the gas station parking lot. While it did get them to stop for a few seconds, they quickly scurried back onto their coach and one short interview with a martyr was looking like all we'd get for our episode on Pennsylvania's Amish community. Other aspects of the universe were however in our favor, and our Vermont license plates grabbed the attention of an "Eat More Kale" t-shirt-wearing woman who said she lived on a farm about 4 hours away that we were welcome to park our bus on that night, just outside the Ohio state border.

Well it worked out in our favor. Not only were Mik and Maggie able to tell us some more information about the Amish and what it's like to coexist in the same area as them, but they cooked us an elaborate pancake breakfast, stocked us full of veggies from their gardens, and let us poke around their beautiful land and play with their animals, of which there were tons.

So a HUGE Thanks again to Mik and Maggie of M&M Robertson Farm for their incredible hospitality and for not thinking us entirely insane when they ventured up the field to find us working diligently...
with their cows.

Paint, Pennsylvania, on our way to Cleveland, and then Detroit!

Reposted from The New World Manifesto.

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