August 13th, 2012

Quarry Hill, Vermont.

How can we make the world a better place in this new age? What can we change this second time around? Well, day one of our epic journey and apparently our problem is already solved. It's easy, according to 94-year-old Barbara Hall, founder of a free-thinking community of families on a secluded mountaintop in Quarry Hill, Vermont. All we have to do is have more sex.

Barbara and her husband Irvin began the Quarry Hill family and community in the 40s, which was succeeded by a gallery in New York City that introduced further masses to their idea of how to create a forward community in which people could explore their own version of utopia. Four generations later, although according to some it seems to be winding down, the Quarry Hill community remains a somewhat polygamous family that practices in building families using more of a "free love" attitude, in addition to observing strictly non-violent communication (especially towards children, ie. "we don't spank children, we only spank adults."), and even group-wide veganism.

From watching sporadic moments of her daughter LadyBelle clutching to Barbara's gorgeous, withering hands, to 20-somethings of the community busting out a dance-off, to the festivities of their annual party lasting through wee morning hours, it was apparent that the Quarry Hill community is one that was made to inspire the possibilities of a new kind of family. It's hard to say how truly open these people are or have the capability of being when you're just an outsider looking in and trying not to misrepresent them, but it seems even those who have only known of the community a short time feel a sense of belonging and companionship there.

Quarry Hill, Vermont.

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