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July 19th, 2012

Doses of local celebrity. [Jul. 19th, 2012|01:45 pm]

^Photo by Ben Sarle

So my good friend Ben Sarle started Thread Magazine about a year ago come August. For his sixth issue, which we released this week, he enlisted my help and gave my the freedom to write, photograph, and design my own article. We collaborated on ideas and came up with this, entitled "Hey, Sweet Bike." for which I went around town photographing and interviewing people about eccentric bikes about town, and which was accompanied by hand-made spoke cards that Ben and I stuck in bike spokes all over Burlington.

Thread 6 came out this week and has already been a huge success. Ben's got all his eggs invested in this baby and it's really beginning to show. He's getting the recognition he deserves as an amazing photographer and now the editor of a local magazine that's rapidly growing in popularity. So here's my contribution to issue 6: a 12-page photo essay on hand-picked exceptionally excellent bikes you may have seen around our lovely town.

Check out Thread online at ThreadVT.com and go Like it on Facebook.

Oh, did I mention he put me on the cover?

Fooled you! Maybe you thought this was another magazine feature on folks with pimped out fixies and bikes that cost more than the camera used to photograph them. But what about the rest of us? We can’t all afford aero spokes, Campagnolo wheel sets, or sometimes even a decent derailleur that’s not on the verge of breaking into a billion pieces every time we ride to the corner store for a pouch of rolling tobacco. What about those of us whose bikes aren’t beautiful because of cosmetics, but character? Some of the bikes I see around town are so rich with personality that it doesn’t matter that this tall bike has welds that’ve been haphazardly fixed three times or that cruiser has a seat that looks like it was eaten by a rabid dog when it fell over one night. No, your bike won’t sell for $1000 on Craigslist, and is kind of a piece of shit, but it’s beautiful because you made it that way. We recognize our bikes as an extension of ourselves; our connection to a lifestyle we live, and we wear it on our sleeves and in our spokes. This, folks, is a tribute and an homage to those bikes and their riders who don’t apologize for the bumps and bruises their rides have acquired along the way, reminding us that what really makes a good bike is one that is simply ridden.

Here's to many more badass Threads to come.


I also recently got interviewed by a couple amazing girls who rolled into town on a short veggie-fueled bus, who we called The Goddesses during their stay in Burlington on account of the documentary they're working on called The Goddess Project. These two beautiful ladies have been traveling in their bus for 100 days around the entire country interviewing and filming amazing, inspiring, badass women who are making something of themselves and the lives around them for a feature-length documentary that's set to come out in 2013 (if'n the world doesn't end before then). I loved meeting and chatting with them, and their project seems nothing short of amazing. If you'd like to support, check them out on Facebook to learn more about how you can donate or get involved.

Here's a sneak preview of their documentary:


Speaking of documentaries, veggie buses, and the of the end of the world, the most exciting news I've gotten recently is my recruitment onto a project we're calling The New World Manifesto. My friend and our favorite local junk man Phinn came up with the idea for the documentary and has recruited seven other folks along with himself to put the project together. We'll be leaving at the beginning of August on a 40 day and 40 night adventure traveling 7000 miles around the country (and we're going to Burning Man!) in a full-sized veggie-powered school bus, interviewing all walks of life about how they feel about the theoretical "end of the world" as a gateway for change. Throughout the process we'll be creating the New World Manifesto, which Phinn will "present" (in so many words) on December 21st in Mexico. Everyone in our team of eight plays a massive role in the making of this documentary, and our team seems to be a perfectly eccentric bunch. When more information surfaces and we get closer to being ready for departure, I'll be posting here and on our website about ways to support or donate, our routes, dates, interviews, etc.

To say I'm excited for this would be a gross understatement.

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