April 20th, 2012

Bicycle day.

Many weed-loving folks bring on the 20th day of April with anticipation and joy. Many times on that 20th day of April, a passerby will wish you Happy Holidays, and you'll know they're referring to the wonderful day that comes once a year during which pot-smokers around the world unite to bake themselves into a stupor, hootin' and hollerin' and firin' up the bong when the clock strikes 4:20. A lovely holiday it is, indeed, but not for the timid smoker; the awkward stoner; those of us who prefer courage in the form of liquid over smoke clouds.

What most people don't know about, however, is a day much more worthy of celebration, and one that comes only one day before this recognized day of national retardation. It's the 19th day of April, and it's Albert Hoffman's birthday. On the day Albert Hoffman discovered the effects of LSD, too afraid to drive his car (wouldn't you be too?), he went for a long bike ride instead. And so on that day every year, we get together to celebrate Mr. Hoffman, by doing just the same: taking acid and going on a long bike ride with friends. Yes, folks, I would say with confidence that I am not an avid participant in April 20th, but this man's birthday is certainly something that I look forward to.

Things to do when you arrive back in Burlington:
Take acid: check.
Sit on a beach at sunset: check.
Bike the Intervale: check.
Get in a snowball fight: check. (Yes, Leddy Park is where the zamboni dumps all its excess from the rinks, so there is always a snow mound in the back parking lot, all year round. In case you were ever wondering where you could find snow in 70º weather...)
Bomb up Depot St., the biggest and steepest hill in the city: check.

Aaaaand I'm back.

Albert Hoffman Bicycle Day.
Burlington, Vermont.

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