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January 8th, 2012

Memorial bike ride. [Jan. 8th, 2012|01:04 pm]

Memorial bike ride for the eight kids who died in the December 28th, 2010 warehouse fire.
Being that I didn't know anyone who died, I'll leave it at that.

New Orleans, Louisiana.

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No, Sir. [Jan. 8th, 2012|01:20 pm]

Well the inevitable turning point came a bit prematurely. Yes Ma'am, although incredibly successful in its time on Royal Street, is coming to a close because of growing tensions and blatant addictions to the old Nickelodeon show Hey Arnold. Our lead man has decided somewhat irrationally that there's nothing for him in New Orleans and as a result has let the band implode on itself, plus a few other noticeable conflicts building up. I'm sad to see him leave town in such a bad state, and even more upset that the band I've had the most fun playing in of any band I've ever been is going to be no more, especially right before Mardi Gras season. Unfortunately this leaves me temporarily without a band, but so it goes with this city and there are constantly new musicians trickling in, so we'll see. Unfortunately this means we will not be going on America's Got Talent and I will not be able to deliver the following message to David Hasselhoff from my sister: "Vagina."

On the up side however, a juggling, whip-cracking contortionist who dislocates his arms to fit himself through a toilet seat as part of his act on Royal Street, and who we have properly nicknamed "Babehammer" due to his incredible ability to make women suddenly forget how to eat their food and start drooling on themselves, is apparently taking me out on a date this week.

It was all wonderful while it lasted. Hopefully the next band will even compare. I don't want to imagine a life in this city that doesn't involve playing music, but I know something else will come about, and regardless, I still love it here. But it may be high time to delete the five seasons of Hey Arnold from my computer.

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