December 8th, 2009

Chris Farmer.

Farmer showed some interest in a modeling job, so he called me to ask if I could take some pictures of him.
"Modeling, eh?" I asked.
"Well... it's not really modeling, I guess. I need two fronts, a back, and a face shot. Of my muscles."
"Well yeah it's actually more like porn."

He came over and I liquored him up a little bit, but when asked to strip down to his skimpies, we realized that bright red Coca-Cola boxer shorts weren't proper for this kind of gig and were forced to improvise with a baseball mitt. Unfortunately, not long into our shoot, I think Farmer realized that dorky electrical engineers who wear Coca-Cola boxer shorts to their photo shoot just aren't cut out for pornography. So we took this picture instead; make circuits, not porn.

I'm sorry I shattered your dreams, Farmer.