September 14th, 2009

Art Hop.

Ice creams make happy Champs.

I wish I could stick to my guns and ask the questions I want to ask. I'm afraid that even if I got what I wanted, you'd still intimidate the crap out of me. Seems you always find what you want when it's the last thing you're looking for. The difference between me and you, though, is that I'm willing to change my mind; pick up what I've found and attach it to this infamous jingling ring of keys. Are you?

I'm always thinking back to the Game and digging up the old techniques I'd buried before. I'm self-sufficient and secure yet I still find the need to convince everyone of these things by never divulging what I'm really feeling. I keep my distance not only because it's healthy but because it makes me look good, and it's all working to our advantage; I fucking love this shit. My fear of coming off as needy trumps my desire to talk about what I really want. It's the best thing and the freakiest thing I've had in a while; open honesty flirting with a degree of mystery. How clear have I made myself and how much more confused could I possibly be? The only reason I hope you're as confused as I am is because the alternative is that you don't really care at all in the first place.