January 26th, 2009

Ethan O'Hara.

Adventures in cookbooking and egg poaching after a night of what should be considered perfection, and still I am misguided, trying to tell you that you only think it's worth the pain now because I haven't hurt you yet. But I will. I know I will. I always do, even if I don't mean to or want to. After a few short weeks I am already making a line of men in front of me, all of which I plan to shoot down whether they're bracing themselves or not. It's a rather evil side to me that I'm not sure I like or dislike, but I can't pretend to be invested in something that doesn't fill me to the brim. I can only smile when I look into your eyes for so long and pretend that I'm not losing momentum rapidly behind my fake grin. I apologize to all of you right now, warn you right now, stop myself right now, before I hurt someone who surely deserves my bullshit less than most I have met in my tirades and my brutal slaughters of men who have previously tried.