October 20th, 2006

Dear Bunny,

It's truly amazing, this relationship we have. It's truly amazing that throughout the whole time we've known each other, and spent practically every minute at each other’s sides, we are still as bonded as we are. Since the days we really started establishing this connection we have, nothing has so much dared to tear us apart and make us wonder if the friendship was a walking regret case. At this point nothing could stop you from being my best friend, because amidst hurricanes and tornados and ground-annihilating earthquakes, life would be truly outdoing itself if such disaster occurred.

It's funny if you think about it. We are together all the time; the perfect duo and the most compatible of wingmen in the world. We know each other perhaps better than we know ourselves sometimes. We go everywhere together and do everything together and make our imprint on the world together, even at the times we are apart. Yet despite tiny annoyances that arise and small problems that cause little cracks in our perfect establishment, we are able to fix it as casually and comfortably as if it's nothing more than a minor misfiling at the office. We sit there in our living room on a beautiful day with two packs of cigarettes and a bowl of weed, listening to Scissor Sisters and smiling while we talk about why exactly we've pissed each other off for the last week. Ten minutes and a full-frontal honest intervention later, we are smiling brighter as we better each other.

I will never judge you, or dislike you, or convince myself that we have failed as the ultimate companions. I will be here for you whenever you need me, and I will come to you with all my thoughts that will make you smile or laugh or contemplate new things. I will always appreciate the bond we have as friends and take time sometimes to consider the fact that it is a rarity, and never present in my own life before you. I will rock my shared mark with you on my elbows for the rest of my life with all the pride in the world, even if and when life brings us down opposite paths and we connect by phone call instead of carpet. You are the kind of best friend that people dream of.

And I hope you have a Beautiful Day.

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This is the new banner I made for my Livejournal for MySpace (Whoa what a fucking internet nerd I am):

(And yes that is a pile of babies.)