October 13th, 2006

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Don't forget to visit the Brozone BroSpace and experience a revolution I guarantee you've never heard before! If you're a fan of any kind of sound, be it electronic, jazz, hip hop, good ol' talk radio, or simply the sound of all of them combined at the same time, you're promised a good time and slightly bro'ed experience having your dome sucked into the madness that is the Brozone.

Damian uploads the newest Brozones every week, so check frequently and you won't be disappointed.

Help turn the Brozone into the revolution it should be!

Add the Brozone and tell all your friends about the funky thing that happened to your brain the other day when your trustworthy friend _bulldoze told you to have a listen!

Also, if you're into sample music and dig the influences of the Brozone, you can also check out these other amazing voices and sounds of the Brozone:

Creators of the Brozone:

DJ Autistic E: Ghost of the Brozone and the entity that brings it to a close every week when the good cartoons approach.
Overturned Big Rig: Sampling maniac and janitor of the Brozone; the most inspiring basketcase I've ever met, and music connoisseur so genius that he can't find anyone to print his album because it's just too good for normal people to listen to.

Also check out:

Scattershot Theory: Talented dudes sitting at their samplers making up the most incredibly calculated music right there on the spot without a single suspecting soul in any audience. Consisting of Overturned Big Rig and:
Mr. Dark Keys: Not a fan of grocery shopping on acid.
and Idiom Creak: More awesome sample music. Check out his website here.

You can also check out more Scattershot Theory at their website, but none of the songs appear to work.
Apparently they'll be playing a show on Halloween, so I'll be posting details on that show when I hear more. You can't fully experience this madness until you see it in person.

Other awesome voices of the Brozone:

Super Excited Guy!: One of my heroes in life; the most super excited guy you may ever experience in your lifetime.
Random Ran: Listen to "Ghost Ride the Butthole" on the BroSpace to hear Random Ran and Furious D singin' 'bout buttholes.

Most of the music you hear on these sites is available for download, so go check them out; I promise it's worth it. Think about it: Have I ever steered you wrong?