October 8th, 2006

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Our group for this project decided to work on creating a water for dogs that was focused mainly on the health aspects; we were going to make something like meat flavored water, but then looked into it only to find out that the shit they put in most dog foods to make it taste like meat is actually incredibly bad for dogs, and nothing is better for them than water and their needed nutrients that artificially flavored things won't give them. It was designed to be an ad for the New Yorker Magazine, so we took the upper-class route and decided to apply it to the kinds of dog owners that take their dogs to dog shows and the like, which meant the design had to be classy and sophisticated while still telling all the necessary information, which only seemed hard until we realized we had three people working on one tiny layout, so it turned out to be an incredibly easy project.

I designed the Purebred logo, Sara came up with the initial idea to make water for dogs, and wrote the informational paragraph, and this dude whose name I forgot because he's lazy and never shows up to class [actually] Photoshopped the dogs. This is one ad in the series of three that we made, each one picturing a different dog, for small dog, medium dog, and large dog formulas.