October 7th, 2006

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This is one of my favorite projects that I did all last quarter, for Geiger's Illustrative Concept Design class (the same class that the Nation on a Decline book was made for). Geiger's grading system is a bid shotty, so our final project, which we worked on from week 5 until week 11, counted pretty much for 100% of our grade. I decided I wanted to steer a little further away from graphic design for this project in particular, and since I had gotten so into photography last quarter, I decided to focus on that.

So I made a coffee table book cleverly entitled "the Incredibly Amazing Coffee Table Book that You Make Incredibly Amazing All by Yourself!" It was a book of my photography, some of which I used also in my photography portfolio which I already posted, and some you haven't seen yet, over all of which I put conversation bubbles. I mounted it on balsa wood with sheets of acetate over each page, and bound it with circle rings, which I attached a dry-erase marker and hankerchief to. The pictures were all sets I did with my friends, which I tried to make somewhat suggestive so as to encourage the viewer to come up with their own ideas of what these people could be saying or thinking. I liked doing these sets with my friends, because although I wasn't doing much digital graphic design, I was still designing in the sense that I was directing my shoots and making them what I wanted them to be; like I was taking images from my head and turning them into the real thing, which I like doing a lot more than typical found photography. I don't really feel like writing, so I'll just show you. Behind the cut you can find pictures of each page, and since I didn't have a camera over break, I wasn't able to take product shots, so I used my absolutely wonderful iMac's built in photo booth to provide you with a step-by-step manual of how the book works. If you hold your cursor over the pictures, the captions will show up.


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