September 17th, 2006

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I haven't been posting any of my work this quarter. What can I say other than it's been the most amazing/[awesomely] dramatic/action-packed/fulfilling/educational quarter in terms of both my school life and my social life? At a time when it's more appropriate, like when the quarter is actually complete one week from now, I can promise I will be writing about how and why the past eleven weeks have been as monumental as they have been. To be honest, I'm way more excited about the fact that I've been writing again than I am bummed about the fact that I haven't posted graphic design. Granted, design is much easier for people to look at, and I'm sure not all of you slave through the million words I write a day, but to that I say, "lick my butt."

In terms of graphic design, my projects have been ongoing, and I'm just starting to wrap up a lot of the things I've been working on for a while now. One major thing that happened to me this quarter was the fact that I got into photography of my own kind; not the kind where you walk around and take pictures of what you see, but the kind where you gather up your friends, think of places and actions that will look cool, and order them around to get the shot you want, which I think is really just the graphic designer's version of photography. Truthfully, when it comes to artistic photography, and the photography most of my friends absolutely kick ass at doing, I'm completely lost and out of my element. But what I got to do was more fun than I've ever had; coming up with bizarre situations and pushing my friends into them to interact, and sure enough, they all did so willingly and beautifully as the most amazing subjects I ever could've asked for.

So here's my photography portfolio. The pictures will take a minute to load but they're better quality than the normal stuff that's swarmed by the little monsters from the internet that carry pixel guns and shoot every solid color to death. Look at it or I'll kill you. And don't make fun of me if it's bad or I'll kill you for that, too.

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