August 28th, 2006

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Underwear Always!

We officially survived the Underwear Weekend Extravaganza '06, even if only slightly. Seriously, every night this weekend involved underwear and dancing, and even some mummies in between, dancing, of course. Unfortunately, only one of the nights was documented, and incriminating this documentation most certainly is.

This is a picture post, so I won't talk much; it's just something entertaining to speak for itself. The order of our day was as follows: a hockey game against the PBR team, Bart rides home complete with stand-up comedy, the purchasing of eleven 40 oz's, the taping of said 40 oz's to our hands, the capturing of our Edward 40hands adventures, the finishing and ripping off of the 40 oz's, the removal of our clothes (again), and the dance party which ensued as a result of previous activity (again).

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