August 24th, 2006

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There is only one band that I know I can call my favorite, and I am protective of it. Through every last hard time my body and mind has had the capability to overcome, my speaking siren is there to sing in my ear until I am officially changed as a human being. I am protective of this band because I know their untouchable talent like the back of my hand, and I know, love, and wallow in their insane innovation as a band; as music to my ears. After all, there are few people in the world who can answer the infamous question, "Who or what is your favorite band?" To know the exact name and to speak it without hesitation requires a level of trust in its tunes that few people are comfortable giving to the voices they love having in their heads. I know who that band is, and I am protective of it.

And if I show you this band, if I show you the magnitude of their music and attempt to describe to you just how important to me the very music you're hearing for the first time is, know that it's the very music that changed my life dramatically during the thirteenth, hundredth, and seven-hundred-and-seventy-eighth time I listened to it, turning me into a person fit enough to know you, fit enough to show you. Know that it's far more than tunes and instruments and vocals to the life sitting next to you, so try to listen hard. For a band to hold the title of Favorite is a feat so few achieve, and to gain access to one unheard from the one who holds that favorite tight at all the right moments, is positively my way of telling you that I think you are worthy.

Because it's more than a band to me. Just as this band, so talented and so respectable, has evolved throughout the course of their releases, experimenting with different instruments, different vocal chords, different moods and feelings for every song on every album, I have evolved with it. I have asked myself and others what reason one would have to favor a band that never changed or evolved and lead their listener down a boring path of stunted growth problems and repetitive habits that turn into regrets instead of learning experiences. I have wondered why every band didn't do their best to grow as if it itself was a human being listening to it and being effected by it. I have wondered to no avail why there are those who waste their time and mine by creating a series of tunes that no person in their right mind could ever place above a single One Hit Wonder they put on their iPod to mix into a playlist of random songs they never listened to. But of course, I have no actual worry for these questions to be answered, because I have mine, and they grow like me, like humans should grow with music and music with humans. I have that band I confidently call my favorite, and if I show you this band, you will not regret it, because not only will it be my way of telling you that I think you are worthy, you will have listened to an undeniably amazing sound that can now change your life the way it has changed mine.

Here's to Hooverphonic, and those close to me who have experienced everything they really say and do for a life in need of music.