August 23rd, 2006

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It wasn't until recently that I realized the bond I had with my most important contraption. I thought them a bother at times and although I liked the sounds they made, my headphones were not up there on the list of my best friends and most valued possessions. But that's changed lately, by only spending some more time with each other and allowing ourselves to converse with other people, other headphones, other lives that show tremendous potential in the manner in which they rank and prioritize their personal and portable sound systems.

Back and forth they have gone, while my head and hair atop experiments with different feels, different comforts, and different sounds that come from different devices. It's been an orgy of swapping and recommending and simply introducing for the last week as I begin to wallow in the wonder that is my new-found life. By my side my headphones have been as I commence the experimentations that have finally lead me to a path I am happy traveling, and on that path with me is an entirely different lifestyle that revolves around different things, different people, and prioritizes more effectively than I was capable of doing in my monotonous slump. I feel opened up by it, excited by it, eager to be changed entirely because of music that has the power to do it, and people that have that music and more to show to me. We exchange our beloved companions wherever we see it fit; restaurants, urban parks, bus rides, on walks, anywhere and everywhere our jubilant hearts can possibly imagine having a tune played for us by a moment good enough. All different kinds, all different people, all different personalities and relations to their music that have only my ears in common; I am openly excited to show and be shown the wonders of a lifestyle so influenced by its infinite soundtracks.

It was more of a release than I'd ever experienced when my road started at Polk and O'Farrell and ended at 4th and Bryant with a dance party of epic proportions taking place for every step in between. A solid block of forty-five minutes where all I could do to mask my complications so stealthly that even I could forget they were there was cover each headphone with one hand, press them firmly against my head, and show everybody on the sidewalk just how much I loved what they did for me. Accompanied by my two new companions, one man and one man-made, I didn't stop until the only thing that stood in front of me was the door to a humble place that seemed lately to feel more like home than it ever had before, and more so than any other place in the archives of my brain. For the first time, I had new things in my life that I had been seeking since day one and still hadn't found in this new city I was trying to force upon myself. It felt easy now; perfectly reasonable to consider these new people and new things my friends, my life, and my happiness. Suddenly the city of San Francisco took a turn on the winding tracks of the J line and I knew that this life wasn't just looking up anymore -- it was already there. As I exited the bus and greeted the portions of the city to which it had brought me, I shook the hand of its many tunes and million instruments and thanked them for being my most valued friend.