August 15th, 2006

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To My New Friend.

I don't think we really met until we spent that thirty minutes together in the bathroom, inconveniencing all those with a need for bladder relief, just to explore uncharted worlds of fun and excitement as told by a map of the human body and its most sensitive spots. We knew each other only as the living dead that rose in what I guess was an interest that never quite bubbled to the surface like our rotting bodies had so willingly. I can't say I didn't notice the thoughts in the back of my head as they whispered to me how much fun I saw hiding directly on the line of acquaintance and friend, but inevitability lead us to the very crossing of that line and the couple of times when it became clear that simply put, I really enjoyed hanging out with you.

It may have started in the confined quarters of the misused bathroom, but it escalated. It rose further to a bouquet of newspapers, and one of used McDonald's cups, and one of street debris including a post-it note from the tip of a bus stop that resulted in a monkey-like run-in with cops from their car, and then one of real plants this time, even though they were only poisonous weeds. And inside the fold-up Spiderman tent we crawled and broke records for how long we could make a twelve-pack of PBR last through the week. From there we experimented with hickies and musical snobbery that only slightly clashed with musical ignorance while in the same room. And there were bus rides in the mix, on routes I had never seen but you exclaimed their wonderful perks which I trusted and got to experience myself on curvy tracks and stops that lead into nothing but shrubbery. It took us to a place where we could smoke from Pikachu's plastic head and porcelain body, plan coded slang and impossibly awesome plans of the four days of Halloween and alcoholic animals that had not yet learned the English language to perfection and the invasion of a house run by pigeons on the inside and out. And there were bad movies and secret comfort that nobody else was allowed to see for fear of it rubbing off so severely that people would cause problems only over the absence of problem.

I did not have to be drunk to enjoy this fun, for that's all it was and it was that in abundance. I did not have to feel anything but contentment in my newfound opportunity to wallow all I wanted in the company of my new friend. I hoped I had not scared you, because it was always innocent pleasure and unbounded fun, physically, mentally, figuratively, graphically, and all the other realms new friends feel like they have the ability to cover with a hand tied behind their back and their ankles bound with rope. All the while you knew I wanted nothing serious, and I knew the same of you, but I guess I'm aware now, and willing to admit now, that I really enjoy hanging out with you.