July 27th, 2006

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I think that only Ai kids and people of Market Street can possibly comprehend the wonder of this situation, because here is a man that we get to see almost every day, yet we just don't quite understand. His name is Melvin, and he plays the violin in the Civic Center Muni station just below our humble building. Well, actually, "plays" is an exageration, because although Melvin claims he is still learning, which he exclaims through his five minute bouts of stuttering and twitching, all he really does to this sacred violin is beat on it and tweak out while making something much more like racket than music. Nevertheless, Melvin is a friendly soul, and even let me dance with him! So needless to say, even though Melvin may be "learning" for another ten or twenty years before he actually knows what sound a violin is supposed to make, we definitely love him anyway.

Here's to you, Melvin Marshall. May the violin be your light in dark, crack-addicted areas.
Like the Tenderloin.