July 22nd, 2006

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Bunny and I had a 'crazy cat lady' moment when she decided we should wash all the cats. And then more so when we decided we should take pictures of them because they looked cute all wet.

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Fantasy Food.

I have Illustrative Concept Design with none other than my favorite German asshole-of-an-awesome-teacher, Michael Geiger. Since I didn't know what the hell "Illustrative Concept Design" meant when I first heard it, I'll explain, because it's actually exactly what it sounds like it is. Last quarter in Concept Design, we worked completely on our developments of concept, but this quarter, we're working on using illustration (be it drawing or photograph or picture of any kind) to improve andbuild on concepts.

I missed the first week because I hadn't switched over into Geiger's class yet, but their first assignment was to create a poster based on the concept of "Fantasy Food." I looked at everybody's posters and sort of lucked out by not having mine, because it gave me a great idea. Clearly there were a handful of different ways to perceive the concept of "fantasy food;" some people took it as "fantastizing about food," some took it as "food's fantasies," and others took it as something along the lines of fantasies that have to do with food. I took my own approach and made the following posters as a series, but decided to add the last one just to take it a step further. Being that there were obviously so many different ways to conceptualize "fantasy food," I decided that the last poster, which didn't have any pre-marked drawings on it, would be printed on a type of paper that could be written on with dry-erase markers and erased as many times as someone wanted. This way, people could come up to this scoop of ice cream (which in itself is a food people often relate to food fantasies) and make it into any "fantasy food" or "food fantasy" their little heart desired.

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