June 22nd, 2006

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I won't be writing much. Life moves perfectly fast and perfectly slow, and wherever it decides to sit for a while, I am perfectly happy going with the flow of Burlington that seems to be taking me for an amazing ride. I'm doing all of my writing by hand as long as I'm in Burlington and have time to relax, and I've decided to undertake an experiment, call my 14th book "experimentations," and fill it with bouts of crazy experiments in which I do whatever the hell I want to do with my life at any point in time when I feel like doing it. So that's what's been happening and it's been pretty damn awesome, I'm not gonna lie. What this means is that my presence will be scarce in the land of LiveJournal for a little while, and I'm sure you guys can throw your neat little LiveJournal shindigs without me, but I shall return, and I shall come bearing beer, because I am officially obsessed with beer.

Until then, my friends. I go back to SF on July 8th and I will probably come back soon after. See you soon.