June 11th, 2006

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A couple points of order:

1. I think everyone should be informed that I won these roller skates off ebay and plan on rolling them everywhere, as soon as I learn to roll on them, of course.

2. I think everyone who I know in person (or don't) who doesn't have a journal and reads this one often should raise their hand. I keep becoming informed of more and more people who read up on me, some which I know, some which I don't, some which read occasionally, some which read religiously. I'm curious to know who's lurking, considering I know of only a certain amount on LJers and most people think that having their own Livejournal is lame. Anonymous posting is on, so if you feel like saying Hello, say so and tell me who you are, because I'm in the mood to say Hi back.

In high school, I found out about one girl to whom I had never once spoken. She was in the popular crowd so I figured when she sat on the other side the room for art class that she wasn't fond of my well-known, uh, weirdness, I guess. Turns out, she went home every day and glued herself to my Livejournal for hours a day in secrecy. That was a pretty awesome thing to find out, but not as awesome as finding out that the ultimate best get-down dancer of the NEN and Vermont entirely is also a big fan, so this entry is dedicated to Kate and her mad skillz.
3. I just got back from Vermont, where I managed to do and witness a decent amount of politically incorrect things. It did however prove that my alcoholism is a problem regardless of location or company, and it pointed out the realization that my mind is driving a wicked fast car all on its own down a wet highway and it's not stopping just 'cause it's hydroplaning all over the place. Because of this, my trip ended in me standing in the middle of a crowded staircase above a basement of jock-o's, writing frantically in pink pen on a Dust Buster vacuum bag about why I thought I was in the process of combusting in a panic of uninvited feelings. Said piece of writing was later torn into tiny pieces and individually thrown from the window of my car and onto the rainy pavement of Route 15.

I'm in need of some guidance, so I started my next book, my 14th, titled "Experimentations," and I'm not allowing anybody to read it until it's done, except for whatever kickass therapist I can manage to find. This way I can really say whatever I want and not have to worry about anything. I ask that those who know me in person respect this and don't try to tap into it when I'm not around; I plan on keeping it close to me and this process will be just as hard for me as it will for those who are fond of browsing my happenings. My Livejournal will stay public.
4. Adderall rules. If anybody ever wants me to like them they should just give me some and that'll do the trick, I promise. (Thanks Ben!)