April 13th, 2006

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Realized today I hadn't updated in eleven days, which was weird because the deperching story seemed like it was yesterday. I guess I've had nothing to say, and what I could update on, well, if I have no desire to read what you did this week, then you probably wouldn't care much about what I did this week, unless I had some artful sentences to use in my descriptions, which I don't. My sister, father, and lifetime family friend came out to San Francisco this week and I've been living off sweet dinners and tourist life while I have brief access to a car. Tonight I'm showing my older sister where she was born, because I saw it before she did. I didn't have to feel bad about being a tourist, because I wouldn't use my pictures for a scrapbook. Instead I would probably end up cutting them into pieces and importing them into Illustrator and InDesign and making some logo for a basement punk band in downtown Memphis. Adobe is all I think about now. I checked my MySpace about every five minutes regardless, enjoying the short amount of time I get to spend with Jill's extensive music library, and thinking about how I shouldn't be thinking about possibly getting bored with my relationship, again. I smoked weed a lot and didn't like it, but I smoked it anyway. I am thinking this in a monotone voice. I joined a diet study for which they send me pills, I take them, I lose enough weight to become a runway model, and then I get paid a thousand dollars. It's probably a scam, but if I end up with a thousand bucks it'll be just in time to visit Tyre upstairs and walk out with some lions on each of my arms in permanent ink. That will be summertime. I'm anxious for summer. I miss Ben Danger. That's about it.

Also I forgot about Passover, ate pork in the midst of our $200 dinner last night, and had a candy lunch today in celebration of all the Easter candy Bob spoiled me with. Aside from racking up a tremendous bill, I guess that makes me a terrible jew.