April 5th, 2006

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I witnessed another perfect example of the downfall of human beings today, as well as possibly one of the most bizarre, insane, and incredible things I'd ever witnessed with my own eyes. Now, I haven't seen many fights take place before me, but usually when I do they're not as impressive as we make them out to be, and if anything they're simply a turnoff. But I'm fairly certain that this is because most fights are male on male, and we can, in a stereotypical sense, expect this from the male gender. Never before in my entire life, though, have I seen a male strike a female like I did today.

There is a three-foot-high slab of concrete located directly outside the main student entrance of our beloved school. It serves as the perfect seat to pass the time, rest the butt, or, in Bunny's case, people-watch and socialize. This three-foot-high slab of concrete, for this specific reason, is known school-wide as Bunny's perch. She makes the mile and a half trek to school when she doesn't even have class to sit on this perch for every hour between every class. There's always a plethora of people and personalities crowded around the perch while Bunny sits there in the center, conversing with everyone while still managing to look around for new faces and flesh to meet and add to the gathering around her. She's known for this perch. She loves this perch. And everybody in the right mind knows that this perch belongs to her.

But today, the demise of mankind brought bunny from her stoop. Well, that, and gravity. A bum today, internally soaked with the results and the aftermath of his consumptions, was cursed with a craving for a cigarette. Having a rolled cigarette in her hand, Bunny was the first he approached, and apparently the last he would allow to reject him. You see, although our school has a conveniently placed three-foot-high perch located directly outside, it also has its own abundance of crack-addicted bums that perch themselves on a concrete border around the grass that surrounds the entrance to the Civic Center Bart station. Simply put, our school isn't necessarily in the best neighborhood of town, and neighbors on the Tenderloin district, known best for being the ultimate ghetto of not just San Francisco, but the United States. Because of this placement, we get the occasional crazed bum (more like ten a day) walking by and causing a laughable commotion for reasons unknown to all the sane observing. This man was no exception, and clearly, his unsuccessful adjustment of his fly ticked off the possibility that he was not of casual mind, and was therefore liable to take any kind of unwanted action at any point. This reason exactly is why we have security guards at every entrance to our school. But at this particular moment, there were no security guards in sight.

The black, dreadlocked bum finger-motioned for Bunny's cigarette; that kind of scissor cut index-and-middle finger movement that signaled he wanted what she was enjoying. Usually, Bunny obliges. It's rare that Bunny says No. But this seemed to be the first time that No would be the downfall of her, quite literally. The bum pestered her for another five minutes or so while she got progressively more irritated by his inability to let it go and move on, and I guess when she spoke the words "Do you see me smoking rollies? It's not like I'm smoking Exotics or anything, I'm poor! Dude, I was psyched when I got a quarter today!" this bum was tipped a little too far over the edge. He began to turn around, but halfway around turned back and proceeded to put the force of his entire body forward with his arms extended out. He pushed her. He pushed her so hard that she fell backwards off her perch and went toppling onto the brick sidewalk from her throne above.

And within a nano-second, seriously not more time than it takes one to snap their fingers, our two friends Roger and Shane who had been happily conversing with us, were on this man like football players to a fumble. Bunny may have gotten up from her fall and exclaimed how the last five seconds of her life had gone in slow motion, but I myself had never seen anything move so fast. Within a 100th of a second, Shane and Roger were on this guy like I'd never seen these mellow boys so passionately on anything before. Happy hippie boys that laugh and smile and have nothing but friendly things to say were suddenly the kinds of boys that girls just giggled to see. Within a 100th of a second, their mindsets did a complete 180 from whatever it was their care-free minds were pondering to making sure that this asshole regretted what he had just done with every atom in his body. I had never seen such an incredible and devoted display of loyalty to a friend in such a timely response; there was no time to think about what had just occurred before Shane and Roger were lunging forward and tackling this man to the ground in front of an entire crowd of students that were gathering on break outside of school. Immediately Bunny rose from her fall and everybody surrounding turned around only to see the huge black man on the ground, struggling to get up from his fucked up stupor.

All I could think to do while this man finally arose from the ground and realized he wasn't welcome within our vicinity was hug these two boys with pure astonishment for how quickly they'd jumped to help their friend at the sight of a threat. It was five seconds of horror and wonder all mixed into one boiling display of adrenaline. It was yet another realization of the fact that so many people in the world were downright awful, but somewhat reassuring at the same time knowing that there was good surrounding that perch, too.