March 28th, 2006

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About a month ago, I was bored while I waited for Bunny to bring the keg home for our Masquerade Ball party. I started painting a cute little green monster with crazy blotches of paint for toes and an absolutely retarded mane. Underneath him was a caption in sponge stamps that said "I can stomp!" But I'd loaded so much tube paint on the canvas that it looked like an unorganized piece of shit work of art, so I threw some black and white paint in there and started spreading the green paint around with toilet paper. I got even angrier when the toilet paper started crumbling all over my canvas, but I had to admit it was giving me a pretty cool texture and even better color that reminded me so closely of puke/diarrhea. So I pulled all the used toilet paper out of garbage that was now covered in blotches of puke-colored green paint, and I began sticking it to my canvas, which gave me an irrisistable idea.

Sure, I'm aware it's absolutely disgusting, and a fair amount of people have openly expressed how much they hate it for the feeling it gives them deep inside their butts, but personally I love it. And at the same time, you'd be surprised how many people out there pay to put blatantly disgusting art in their living rooms.