March 3rd, 2006

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Today we had to make type posters. Type posters are a pain in the ass, because Michael Geiger is a raging typographer with a thick German accent that curses like a sailor and criticizes like a jerk, which make his compliments few and far between, but extremely rewarding. In Typography, he insists that we use nothing but type as illustration in order to learn the shapes of certain typefaces, how letters are shaped and made and how they work. Using only type as illustration has been particularly hard for me, being that I think and learn best in terms of pictures, and although there are zillions of typefaces in the world that all look different from a to z, it's extremely hard being limited to only the letters of the alphabet, even in all their shapes and sizes, to make an illustration and convey an idea that supports the actual written text that is there in your design.

Today I was hungry, tired, and frustrated with Geiger's crucifications of my posters in the past and my attempts at trying to make illustration out of the letterform. Our assignment was to use only one letter in at least 45 different typefaces. I looked around at the other screens during our in-class assignment and noticed that all anyone could think of was to put 45 letterforms in a big, unorganized blob on the screen. It amazed me that there were such fucking crappy graphic designers in my major; the kind that you couldn't even look at and say, "Oh, you'll get there eventually with enough learning and hard work." No, in my major, I see about 70% of other peoples' work and say to myself, "No. Sorry. You'll never be a graphic designer. Why the hell do you think that looks good? How the hell do you expect to make a living off graphic design that looks like that??"

So I took my own approach, and sure enough, Geiger's criticism ended when I was finished. I must admit I was pretty happy with the outcome, especially after the added Omnia M at the top for the cherry, and the blatant frustration with his attitude and class in general. When Geiger gets on your case and makes fun of you in front of a class of your peers, which he does to pretty much everyone, the only way to get on his good side is to recognize his asshole tendencies as a motivation scheme. The only way to get on Geiger's good side is to give him as much shit as he gives you. His shit-giving varies from person to person, but my small punch in his face today seemed just good enough to boost my standing on his list. In fact, he called me a genius today. It was pretty fuckin' awesome.