January 6th, 2006

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Here we have the start of a compilation -- Everything that has been written to this day, for those who jumped in too late or have no idea at all. Everything is and will be chronological. I am doing this primarily because not only has the relationship with the muse ended, but the relationship with the actual person at hand is coming to a very solid close itself. I love the people that I love and this exact fact is the maker and the breaker of this entire story, regretably and thankfully at the same time. Consider this an introduction, or preview of sorts, of what is about to come, and a representation of what has already gone. I'd like you to meet a friend of mine. A muse of mine.
His name is Ben Danger.

1. Danger, 802.
2. Everything is Unfortunately Fortunate.
3. Hide and Sex.
4. Guessing a Bluff, Bluffing a Chance, and Chancing a Guess.
5. Emotional Masochism.
6. Congratulations, You Are My Muse.
7. A Perfect Speed for Imperfection.
8. Here's to You, 802.
9. He Really Doesn't Like Swill.
10. I Know what Danger is...
11. The First Descent.
12. A Broken Bone to Pick.
13. Questionable English.
14. the Dangerous Perks of Being a 4th Grader.
15. Here and There and the Number 3000.
16. And that's all there is to it.
17. Neverland is Real.
18. FUN.
19. Girls, Girls, Girls.
20. "Neither of them were anywhere near me"
21. Drink up, Baby.
22. Dangerous Contemplation Stage.
23. Happy 21st Birthday, Ben Danger.

Remember there is much more to come.

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Here is a picture of my mom...

...and the guy she agreed to marry only after being reassured that he was in fact NOT an axe murderer. Unfortunately it later became aparent that instead, he was a total clinical psycho. Hey, whatever floats your boat.