November 24th, 2005

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This is what I learned in Adobe Illustrator the other day!

What started as one single question regarding the paintbrush tool in Illustrator for my Computer Applications teacher turned into an entire exploration of the world of line manipulation and dozens of other exciting ways to play in the king of drawing programs. "Look at what this does!" he would yell, so excited to teach me new things. The dork inside him was itching to scream and share my joy in learning new things. "WHOA!" I yelled upon seeing the amazing things he could do to just a simple line with a variety of tools from the toolbar on the side of the screen. We sat there in the corner while everyone else in class labored over their final presentations, yelling at every exciting way he showed me how to change the lines and make them into new lines; crazier lines; cooler lines. Every time I expressed my thrill, it would only heighten his enthusiasm to show me more tricks, until we were the only ones in the classroom talking as we squeeled over the downright awesomeness of Illustrator's advanced features. "Don't do anything else for the rest of class," he practically squee'd. "Just play on Illustrator! Just draw pictures!"

"Really?! Ok!" I replied. So began the three-hour long period of experimenting with different ways to enjoy myself while making computer drawing ten thousand times easier than Microsoft Paint had always been. Sure I promised myself I wouldn't desert my roots of Microsoft's minimalistic painting program, but how easy it became to make distorted creatures from single straight lines made me never want to stop playing.

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