October 9th, 2005

Bunny LaValliere Moment #5.

The other day there was this random band playing outside our school's gallery. And as it should be expected, there was one of those trademark SF crazies dancing to his own tune in front of their setup. There was a crowd of about 100 or so people gathered around Civic Center Plaza, watching the band and watching this street person dance like a total maniac. Of course, when Bunny noted this single-person dance party happening in front of her, she succombed to her perma-groove and jumped in there like there was nobody else around. But when the bum noted her presence on his dance floor, he felt the need to claim his turf, and he increased his moves as if to challenge her. He removed his coat and threw it on the bricks below him, giving her the eye of dispute. When Bunny unzipped her jacket and accepted his duel, I found myself so overwhelmed with excitement that I ran to the border of the circle, threw my fist into the air and yelled,
so loud it echoed into the air of the city. Or at least I imagined it did. Either way, so began the dance challenge of the year, with one Ai student taking on the reining San Francisco street person of the dancefloor. And as Bunny tried to unleash her dance moves in full force on this bum to the somewhat slow jams of the band's poor choosing, some would say she stood no chance against the bum's absence of worry to be judged by the crowd. Surrounded by her peers and teachers, Bunny was in no position to get down and start humping the ground frantically like this bum could. Instead, she drew her limits at straddling him and stealing his leopard-print hat which probably came complete with a good case of head lice.

Afterwards we were approached by the incredibly bizarre crunchy hippie-like therapist that works at our school, who told Bunny, "you really shouldn't dance with homeless people. You might make them go crazy."