October 7th, 2005

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Childhood games I played with my sister:

1. Two-Headed Monster. Jill and I used to climb into a single sleeping bag and zip it up all the way. We'd latch our little fingers around the edge and pull it up as high as it would go, which because we were so little was about up to our chins, and we'd attempt to walk. Our mission was not just a few steps or to the neighboring room. Our mission was to make it around the entire house while trying to maneuver togther in the sleeping bag without tipping over and falling into a pile of giggling children. But because we were little kids, our real mission was to fall, because falling was totally more fun. We'd make it a few steps before one of us would step too soon or one of us would step too far and our feet would catch too high on the sleeping bag and force the back of it to push us until we fell, toppling into the ground on top of one another and screaming in our transition. I don't think we ever made it around the house.

Another game we liked to play with sleeping bags was racing down the rounded staircase in them. We'd start at the top and look down, around the curve, and to the bottom, when one of us would yell "1-2-3- GO!" and we'd push ourselves off the top platform with our butts. We'd slide down so quick that we'd always wants to fly down faster and faster in our sleeping bags that seemed like they were perfectly designed to glide across carpet. We'd shift our weight to the inside to make it around the turn and safely to the bottom without crashing into the wall. One time I decided it might be fun to roll down the stairs instead of just sliding. When I got to the bottom I cried, because I had not realized until then that it was actually a really stupid idea.

2. Who's the Strongest. We'd each lie on opposite sides of the couch with our knees bent and our feet pushing against the other's. Then we'd push. We'd push as hard as we could and the loser would be the one who gave in first or who's knees were forced to their heads first. One time Jill slipped and kicked me in the neck and I got mad at her.

3. Farts. When we were really little, we had an old school Macintosh with all sorts of Kings Quest games and a microphone. When we had to fart, we'd run to the computer and record it as a sound file and save it in a file we'd properly titled "farts." Inside this folder we accumulated no less than thirty farts before our mother got so disugsted that she deleted them. But inside this folder was the legendary fart 2, which has lasted in our memories to this very date, when we look back on the monumental proportions of that second fart we ever recorded. No words could quite explain this fart, other than to say that it was so long and so interesting that it sang its own melody, as if it was a song every time we heard it. Even now we are still the same morbid little girls who can't stifle ourselves whenever we hear a good fart.

I bet every set of siblings had their own little games they used to play, and I want to know them, so tell me.