September 14th, 2005

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Awesome things that happened to Bunny today:
One. Bunny LaValliere had the best fall of her life today. You see, she recently took up skateboarding, and despite a minor setback which involved her skateboard being run over by a frantic taxi cab, she's back to it with a brand new pink board tagged in optimism that fits her new skate shoes perfectly. And on the ride back from Safeway after picking up some Pineapple Guava juice, which she seems to fancy lately, she hit her first ride-ending pebble.

Foward she flew, and centrifugal motion sent her juice-holding hand flying over her head and slammed the bottle of juice into the sidewalk, causing it to smash and send the contents flying straight out. While she had expected to feel concrete on her face, she was not prepared to feel juice instead. The juice hit her like an explosion in her face less than a fraction of a second after she hit the pavement, and like a bullet from a gun she saw the shot of juice coming at her for just soon enough to close her eyes. Like a wave crashing down onto the water, everything from her forehead to her stomach was covered in Pineapple Guava juice for the rest of her walk back home. To make french toast. Of course.

Two. Bunny Lavalliere made brownies today. Brownies decorated with all different kinds of green sprinkles that she carried in two tupperwear containers in her backpack. Like a certified brownie saleswoman, she weaved in and out of the crowds of people, using her undeniable social skills to her advantage in finding all sorts of buyers. And with no other purpose for being at school other than to sell weed brownies for five bucks a pop, Bunny hopped about the entrances with her bright red bag of goodies and a gleaming and giggling smile on her face.

One of her buyers had been coincidentally plagued with thoughts of brownies all day. "All day I've been thinking about brownies!" he stormed, and jumped with happiness when Bunny was there to hear his cries. And on his hike up to the bank to retrieve money for his chocolate treat, Bunny received a call. It was her buyer on the other line. "My bank just got robbed," he laughed.