September 12th, 2005

Bunny LaValliere Moment #2:

Bunny's five dollar skateboard was run over by a taxi today and broken in half.

On this note, I've noticed in the past couple of months that people are assholes to skateboarders. I'm sure this is something that everybody knows and is to be expected, but the fact still remains and in that regard, being a skateboarder sucks. When I'm not getting hit on by black men while I skate by, I'm apparently disrespecting everybody else. And it's never them being disrespectful. It's always me. No matter what, it's always me, because I'm on the skateboard.

It's never the cop that literally makes an effort, despite his fat donut belly flopping with every step, to step in front of my skateboard as I'm coming down the sidewalk in front of some fancy building, forcing me to crash directly into him before telling me not to skate. "You couldn't just tell me to stop? You had to stand directly in front of me and not say anything until I came barreling into you?" He just grabs onto my arms and removes me from my board and says "Why the hell shouldn't I stand in front of you? You're skateboarding on this property," while he shoves the rod deeper into his ass. "I know how to stop, you fucking pig, just tell me to fucking stop skating and I'll stop skating on what was, last time I checked, public property," I say, with every urge to spit on his gleaming shoes, but instead just grabbing my board from the neighboring cop and skating away with fury.

There are dozens of other situations I can think of that prove my point, but this one in particular pisses me off. It's not like I'm grinding their rails because I'm on a god damn longboard, and it's not like I'm blatantly running into people and beating things with my skateboard. I've noticed that I've shown a lot less pity for people that give me shit just for being on a skateboard, because it doesn't make me any less human or any more delinquent. You choose a bike, or a car, or a motorized scooter (puss), I choose a skateboard. It's my way of getting around, and if I thought I was going to run into people or fall into oncoming traffic or do anything with it other than get from point A to point B and feel really good in between, I wouldn't ride it.