September 5th, 2005

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Allow me to show you pictures of what will probably be the gnarliest fall I'll ever take. It actually happened about two weeks ago, and I've since become scab-free and completely healed. There was supposed to be sufficient documentation of my battle scars on my disposable camera, but you can never trust a six dollar camera to take the image you want, so luckily I just figured out how to send pictures from my ultra high-tech phone of the next millenium. A-ha!

Anyway, for two weeks straight I felt like my face was covered in diseases. I couldn't smile or chew or make out or blink without hurting. I had scabs not just on my eyebrow, nose, underneath my eye, and my chin, but on my shoulder, my knee, my elbow, and my hip as well. And it all happened because there are times when you skate drunk and it is the greatest ride of your life. But then there are other times when you skate drunk and you fall and break your face into a thousand bloody pieces. And although it's fairly hot to be wearing a dress when you skate, the not-so-excellent drunken skate sessions take advantage of every exposed body part, as the impact grinds layers of your skin into the asphalt. This was one of those times. But hey, these scrapes and bruises were how I gained the new nickname "Tough as Nails."

(Also note that Bob never makes normal faces in pictures.)

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