May 30th, 2005

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mspaint is the coolest fucking community on livejournal.

No Photoshop here, kids. This is the real deal. I am someone that is obsessed with Microsoft Paint and the amazing things you can do in it without any of that incomprehendable nonsense that is Photoshop, and so is practically everyone in this community. And as someone who thoroughly appreciates talent in a simple program like MSPaint, having ten posts a day from this place keeps me perfectly entertained.

It has your typical members: some people that only post once, your veterans, your newbies, your once-in-a-whiles, and your regulars. I only post once in a while with drawings of my own, but I keep this place on my friends list simply because there are some of the funniest and most talented kids I've ever seen, and it cracks me up. Some of these drawings are incredible, and some of these senses of humor are absolutely hilarious. Sometimes people ask questions in picture form, which will spawn an entire week-long theme of answers where everybody responds in an assortment of stylized MSPaint drawings.

If you're a photoshop kid, prepare to be flabbergasted. We're straight up mouse-and-chord people over here ready for a showdown and we're drawing our guns... literally.

Check out posts by orc, who is a comic genius, and 69sofine, to whom I just dedicated this drawing, confessing my adoration of her.