May 18th, 2005

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Battle of Ages.

It all started with the intial hunger. It was an innocent ten-minute phase of trying to figure out what to get and how to get it. It was simple and uneventful and free of drama. But when Audra removed that small plastic tub from the top shelf, trouble became everybody's middle name and our lives revolved around a sugary, fattening, rainbow-sprinkled gel-substance we all like to call frosting.

It was vanilla and lightly sprinkled with hard-candies in all the colors of the rainbow. It wasn't quite thick enough, so it dripped a little if you got too much on your finger at one time, unlike the richer and thicker kind that just comes out of the tub in moldable chunks (Yeah, that's the good stuff). And we began the finger-licking good time with our untamed hunger and our inner six-year-olds.

And out of nowhere, with a finger-full of frosting in my mouth, I hear a sound to my left.


And another sound to follow, a *thud* of sorts.

I look over to find myself amid a fight breaking loose and laughter exploding from the mouths of everyone around me. And there was Audra, running around the floor in a fit, with frosting dripping from her nose and in a clump on her left cheek.

Five minutes later, everyone was scrambling for more ammo as the fight grew larger and more brutal. Everyone had frosting hanging from their four fingers in a desperate attempt to tag the person closest to them. Audra and Tom battling it out for first place in the kitchen, with Tommy and Tia in a sibling rivalry of sugary fat in the corner. There was laughing and screaming and arms and legs flying in every direction; people falling all over themselves while getting coated in the delicious dessert. Audra was getting plastered with handfuls being smeared all over her pretty complexion. Tom was getting dirtied all over his fancy suit-jacket that soon looked like a masterbation cloth. Tia was getting bitch-slapped underneath Tommy's hand and a layer of frosting, and the madness was incredible.

It was over just as quick as it began, and everyone was a victim. It was back to age twenty again, but not without one last laugh and dip into the half-empty tub. Food fights are one thing nobody is too old to enjoy.