May 16th, 2005

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_bulldoze is 1!

On May sixteenth, exactly one year ago, yours truly put a bullet in the face of her old journal and began the legacy that is your favorite guilty pleasure. _bulldoze is one today!

When I realized my 2D first birthday was close, I wrote the date on a sticky and pressed it to the computer screen. Oh, this was an occasion. This was cause for celebration -- the 2D party of the century! I couldn't believe it had only been a year. I looked back to my first entries and saw just how much I had changed and grown as a person and a writer. I started this journal with just a small amount of friends I knew in person. There was much room for improvement.

One year later, I'm still doing the same thing I did then, but I'm doing it better. I'm making it bigger. I've developed style, charisma, and personality. I've broadcasted my intentions and they're being heard and every day I'm one step closer to being noticed by a public that wants to listen. One year later, I've gained the approval of some of the internets best bloggers, and topped favorites lists without whoring myself out by means of digital cameras, addme communities, or bribery. One year later, _bulldoze is a book that within the next couple of years will hopefully populate the shelves of your local Borders, and one year later, it is no longer a "livejournal," but my very own website in representation of the nutcase artist inside me. One hundred and six friends, three hundred and twenty six entries, one thousand, eight hundred and fifty nine comments received, hundreds of packs of cigarettes, the word sex written about a thousand times, one stalker, and countless caught moments of obsession with the internet, _bulldoze is 1.

So my fans, friends, fellow writers and avid readers, lets party down. Lets celebrate one full year of unconventional honesty without any drama too brutal to put me out of business. Lets commence the merrymaking and rejoice for this initial time of introdiction coming to a close. Lets cheer in delight for our beloved bulldozers and backhoes populating the roads you live on, and think of my accomplishments next time you ride by such monstrosities. I am proud of myself for doing the things I've done. I've worked hard to get here; to get noticed.

Now, go eat some cake and unleash your inner one-year-old. What one-year-old can resist cake?
I know I certainly couldn't.