May 14th, 2005

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Golden Townies.

Association can get you anything in a place this small. When I was stuck in South Burlington, I knew simply the people that were around, and I did the drugs that simply walked in the door. I never went out seeking anything, and I became sheltered. All I did every day was sit on the same couch with the same pipe, the same beer, the same pills, and the same laughs. But when I got out there, I met an array of people that have the power to change anyone's perception of this city. And when you associate yourself with the right group of people, get yourself into the right situations, and cease the right opportunities, you'll find yourself living with more accomplishments of fluency. What they say about Burlington is true: although small, its power is insane.

The only consequence of association is the fact that everybody is tied to each other; everybody knows everything about everybody else, even when they shouldn't. Every stranger you meet will inevitably know one of your best friends. Everything you look at has already been observed by someone you've made out with on some drunken night two or three years ago. But get out there. Burlington is a place where growth is always wanting to explode. If you never get out and explore its secrets, you'll never get to see what Burlington Citizenship really means. With a crowd that wants nothing more than to explore every corner of their downtown, social situations have become a completely new hobby that I have found irresistible. Although the city may be small, it can show you incredible things.

It can show you the inside of Old Gold, where with the right attitude, the employees will dress your cute body in all kinds of provocative attire and fabulous accessories. It can show you the piercer standing outside Body Art with his Camel Lights, who in turn can pierce you for free and swing your cover at two of the most popular clubs in town. It can show you the Ecco employees, who run their block of the marketplace subtly with their boring personalities and innate ability to make everyone want to spend a fucking arm and a leg on the most beautiful designer dresses. It can show you the Mobil guy, who will in turn only charge you fifty cents for dollar scratch tickets and sell you condoms for the price of the coffee you got for free. It can show you the inside of Muddy Waters, where the hippies behind the counter will always remember that you like your coffee with skim milk, and will only charge you ninety five cents when all you've got is a buck, so you can leave a nickel in their tip jar. It can show you the inner workings of the only good bands, who in turn will give you standing seats on the side of the stage while they play their massive New Years Eve sets in front of hundreds of people. It can show you the Burton employees, who love kegs of PBR and getting so wasted that every little thing in life is either something to laugh at or something to pee on. It can show you the rooftop over the Italian restaurant that looks far over the marketplace, the city, and into the neighboring towns as well. It can show you where to find the greatest damn bowl of New England Clam Chowder your mouth will ever have the pleasure of knowing. It can show you people who will fall so hard in love with you that they'll give you free ecstasy just so you'll cuddle with them through the night. You may not believe it, but a place this small can show you anything and everything you need to know about the world. Finding every corner of a small city is easier than finding every crook of a city inhabited by skyscrapers and taxicabs. And you realize that the more you learn about the inner workings of your location, the more you have the ability to learn about yourself.

And so I have come to terms with this city. I've realized what it takes to be a citizen that's worth respect, and through trials and tribulations of a small-town city lover, I've become everything Burlington could ever want me to be.

Exploration, association, growth, and daily breakfast at the diner;
We are the greatest fucking townies of our generation.