May 6th, 2005

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I was reading through Seven Days today at brunch (7D is like a weekly Dig magazine, for those of you not from Burlington), and I noticed that they had an official blog, and they had a little information about blogging and 7D involvement. Now, I wasn't really sure what I was going to accomplish, but I emailed the woman in charge of the operation and requested she check out my own personal blog in hopes that I could eventually get some recognition from and through Seven Days. To put it simply, I've wanted to have writing or a column in 7D for what seems like forever, but I've never had any sort of clue how to go about such things. It seems their writers and stories change every week, and there are very few weekly columns by the same guy or gal.

So I included my LJ address in my email, and then went back to look through my journal to make sure it was authority-appropriate; that I didn't have anything in there that could either get me arrested or that made me look like I really was nothing more than a delinquent teen with an online journal. Well fortunately, there was nothing of any sort that could possibly get me into trouble, but I did notice that if an adult were to read my journal, they would certainly get quite the unknown taste in their mouth.

Yeah, I'm a damn good writer, and I've hooked a lot of people; I've been told I have an addictive style. It's already been established that I have talent with a keyboard or a pen, but getting criticism from a fellow writer with a higher rank wasn't what I was worried about. I was much more worried about the samples on my recent entries page that would serve as my first twenty chances to make an impression with this woman. In my gander through my most recent works, I realized that this was quite the bizarre portfolio of samples for an adult who knew nothing about me to be reading. If an adult were to browse my site, they would be quickly acquainted with a sociopathic, narcisistic, party-crazed, [possibly] alcoholic, graphic designing dancing queen that can't possibly get enough of promiscuity. Is this a bit much for a designated professional to endure? Or is it just the right amount of charisma and character to strike an impression just odd enough to get me that chance?

Basically, I skimmed through the titles and paragraphs of my latest works, and I realized that if 7D was to hire me and my blog, I'd be working as Burlington's own fucking Carrie Bradshaw. If this adult in charge were to take my journal as it was right now, and publish each entry weekly into the newspaper, she would probably only have to skip over about four or five pieces on my recent entries page to have a full throttle Sex and the City column.

Does this make me slutty or fabulous?