May 1st, 2005

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A Species of Vomit.

There is nothing you can do when you're responsible for people you don't want to be around. When that bastard from your past comes into town for the weekend, no matter how much you can wish he was gone, he's there until he's gone. And when you suddenly realize your passionate hatred for him, your sudden regret of your situation, there is nothing you can do but bite your tongue and hold your embarassment behind rolling eyes and alcohol. The words "Please leave, please leave, please leave" ring in your head until you think you just might smash a chair over your face.

That Visitor From Hell this weekend was a scuzzy, egotistical, snot-nosed, dirty-haired, unshaven, inconsiderate, alcoholic dirt bag that sleeps with his eyes cracked open. Everything out of his mouth was related in some way to alcohol or disease, and I found myself nearly biting a hole in my poor tongue. His disrespectful ways made me realize that there are indeed some absolutely fucking awful people out there, and unfortunately one of them was sleeping in my bed. There are people that really aren't interested in anybody but themselves, and if they're not satisfied, they'll make sure nobody is. There are people that simply don't care of the terrible things they do to other people, and just have no desire in their entire bodies to experiment with anything that involves some sort of effort, but could be extremely rewarding. There are people who will put you in bad situations just to see how you react, to validate their assumptions or give them something fresh and new to complain about. There are also some people who have a history of sexually transmitted rashes, and when you're forced to spend a weekend with people like that, it's hard to have a good time. You wonder if such people were simply created by the human race opening its chapped lips and pasty mouth and vomiting out some disgusting species of being. Think of someone you really just don't like overall as a human being; someone you have nothing in common with, don't get along with, and share completely different views on absolutely everything with. Now imagine having to spend three consecutive days with that asshole.

Fortunately I did learn something from this. I learned that when put in situations like that, my tongue should feel no pain. The only way to get out of a Visitor From Hell weekend is to tell it like it is, and take your tongue to the fair. This morning I had a fucking ball telling this guy everything I hated about him, and why I had only come to such conclusions after the careless and inconsiderate things he had pulled on me and my friends all throughout the past three days. I told him he was an embarassment to me. I told him that he was useless and disgusting and unwelcome. I told him that just looking at him made me want to gag. I told him I had been blown away by his ability to piss so many people off in such a short period of time. And I told him that the past three years he'd spent being head over heals in love with me were absolutely worthless to me until the day he stopped being the biggest prick I'd ever known.

So, Mr. Darcy St. Onge... it was nice knowing you, but it's much nicer not.