April 26th, 2005

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If you can picture a clothing store that mixes the crappy-fitted clothing of Aeropostale, the trendiness of American Eagle, the stench of a candle shop, the bumpin' beats of Abercrombie and Fitch, the jean jumpsuits of a slutty-assed wannabe bohemian dirtbag, and add the presense of a few mallrats, you will be seeing the establishment at which I just got my latest inquiry. I have a job interview at Scabie Headquarters.

Unfortunately, Abercrombie and Fitch tagged me along for two months telling me they loved me and couldn't wait to hire me, and then dropped the random news that they weren't hiring anyone because they were going out of business. That left me completely fucked over in the job department, until yesterday when I received a call from quite possibly the worst store ever created. If a guy ever told you that being in Victoria's Secret with his girlfriend while she bought grandma underwear was his worst nightmare, then he never went into Charlotte Russe. I once took my dad in there for no more than five minutes so he could buy me a pink jacket, and as soon as we stepped out he swore that next time he would just give me his plastic and stay the hell outside.

I used to steal all my dresses from Charlotte Russe. They were cheap enough not to feel bad, ill-fitted enough to be a little ridiculous, and some of them were designed so heinously that I was mroe concerned with the asshole creating than the dumbasses wearing. Granted, it's possible to find a gem in that store every once in a long while, and when it's not their best time of year for decent clothes, it's fun to go in and try on the most disgutsing outfits just for a laugh. But being a thief at Charlotte Russe was easy, because the god-awful techno remixes of every pop song ever made only caused me to make the process speedy.

It won't be Abercrombie, that's for sure. To everybody's surprise, I really wanted to work there. I knew that being in an environment where my complete opposites got their attire would be something very interesting, and I figured that perhaps my own style could start an Abercrombie revolution. I could convince these conniving, Abercrombie-shopping chicks and dicks that behind my spikey hair and piercings, there was a girl who's stereotyped and assumed "gothness" looked better in preppy clothes than they did. And that would have felt amazing. I guess I'll have to settle for jean jumpsuits and girls with guiltier pleasures than just soccer and collars up.

Just across the hall from Abercrombie is Charlotte Russe; the Abercrombie for hoe-bags.

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It seems I have been itching to get out of Burlington, so there's no reason as to why I shouldn't go sooner rather than later.
So I think I will leave and start school in July.

On the internet encounter!

Whats going to happen when we meet? Are we going to call each other up and meet at some corner or in front of some book store? Who’s going to get there first? And what’s the other one gonna look like walking down the street from afar? Are we gonna make eye contact before we’re within ten feet of each other? And are we just gonna smile, say hi, and awkwardly laugh at the moment? Or are we gonna run up to each other and greet each other with bear hugs? Or are we gonna casually walk up to each other, exchange our long awaited hellos, and embrace each other in the legendary hug we’d been waiting to exchange for all these years? Will it be awkward, or will it be perfect? Will it be neat, or will it be amazing? Will it be sexy, or will it be cute? What will we look like walking down a street together somewhere in another city? Where will we go? What will we do? What will we talk about and when and where are we going to have sex? Will you like me? Will you love me? Will you wrap your arm around my waist or will you hold my hand? Or will we take it slow with anticipated flirtation like people that haven’t spent the last two years exploring every corner of each others personalities? Will we talk about when it ends or will we live it in the moment? Will we be radiant or underdressed? Will there grass or snow, and what effect will it have on our encounter? Will there be music playing? I hope there’s music playing.